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Disc mower conditioners and wheel rakes from Gehl

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Gehl  offers a wide range of hay tools such as round balers, disc mower conditioners, disc mowers, wheel rakes, windrow mergers and impeller disc mower conditioners. Gehl offers round balers that have exclusive variable Open-Throat Power In-Feed Systems. These systems help in saving time and money during haying operations. Round balers are available in five models in seven different configurations to match specific applications.

Gehl manufactures disc mower conditioners which offer quality cutting and conditioning even in difficult crop conditions. The disc mower conditioners have strong cutting discs which easily slice through tangled crops and dense undergrowth. The cut crop is later processed with machined intermeshing conditioning rolls. The disc mower conditioner is available in two conventional models and three swing-frame units. Gehl’s power transfer system has fewer components, which make them reliable requiring minimal maintenance.

Gehl offers wheel rakes which have a high capacity and are easy to operate and maintain. Wheel rakes are designed for all types of terrain and offer better clearance and coverage. Wheel rakes have widths up to 38 feet with as many as 20 raking wheels. Wheel rakes are available in four series and each series is designed to provide higher speeds.

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