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Animal health delivery systems from Genesis Industries Australia

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Genesis Industries Australia  specialises in providing animal health delivery systems that include drenching, backlining, vaccinating, syringes, veterinary supplies and containers. Genesis Industries Australia‚Äôs animal health delivery systems are used by veterinarians and farmers across the country.

Genesis Industries Australia is part of a global company structure which is a container and instrument manufacturer for the health sector. At present, Genesis Industries Australia mainly focuses on the animal health industry by supplying dosers and applicators.

Genesis Industries Australia provides instrument delivery systems which range from low-cost vaccinators and drench applicator guns to the Doser sheep and cattle pack. Genesis Industries Australia offers the Power Doser which is an automatic delivery system for drenches, pour-ons, spray-ons and injections. The automatic delivery system is user-friendly and requires air or gas as its power source. The automatic delivery system provides efficient, exact and consistent doses every time.

Genesis Industries Australia offers automatic delivery systems available in barrel sizes of 2mm, 10mm, 30mm and 60mm. A variety of nozzles are also provided to suit specific applications. The manual delivery system from Genesis Industries Australia is another quality product gaining popularity in the animal healthcare sectors.

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