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Injectable delivery device from Genesis Industries Australia

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Genesis Industries Australia  offers an injectable delivery device which is designed for delivery of vaccines and biologics. Pump-It is a draw off injectable delivery device which provides fixed dosage volumes. The injectable delivery device can accept any needle onto the trigger tip and is simple and a cost effective product. Genesis Industries Australia supplies animal health delivery systems such as drenching, backlining, vaccinating, syringes, veterinary supplies and containers.

Genesis Industries Australia offers Palm Grip which is a precision instrument for injectables. The instrument provides adjustable dose from 0 to 5 millilitres and is designed for comfortable grip. The precision instrument has a rugged constriction and is easy to use.

Genesis Industries Australia offers 60 millilitres Power Doser set up with floating cattle hook. Gas delivery or air delivery kit is included with the pack. Genesis Industries Australia provides Doser sheep and cattle pack which is available in four barrel sizes and five nozzles. The pack allows drenching, vaccinating and backlining with one machine.

In addition to providing injectable delivery devices, Genesis Industries Australia also offers automatic and manual delivery systems. Genesis Industries Australia offers quality animal health delivery systems.

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