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Electric pumps, petrol and diesel pumps from Genquip

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Genquip  specialises in offering a wide range of farming equipment which includes generators, inverter generators, diesel motors, petrol motors and electric diesel and petrol pumps. Chainsaw, batteries and tool box are also available from Genquip.

Genquip offers electric pumps, petrol pumps and diesel pumps. Genquip offers the 600 watt electric pressure pump which includes a stainless steel impeller, motor shaft and housing. The electric pressure pump has a flow rate of 40 litres per minute. The electric pump has a pressure control switch that automatically switches the unit on and off. Electric pump is available in three models such as 600 watt pressure pump, 1200 watt pressure pump and high pressure jet pump.

Genquip offers a range of petrol pumps which includes petrol chemical transfer pumps, single and twin impeller petrol fire fighting pumps and petrol transfer pumps. Genquip offers petrol chemical transfer pump which is specifically designed for transferring abrasive chemicals and salt water. Petrol chemical transfer pump has special constructed pump housing and provides a maximum flow rate of 480 litres per minute. A wide range of diesel pumps are also offered by Genquip.

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