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Soil compactors from Gessner Industries

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Gessner Industries  offers equipment conversion service and can transform an 826 waste compactor into a CAT 825G soil compactor. Gessner Industries cuts off and replaces existing front section and alters the back section to resemble genuine 825G soil compactor.

Gessner Industries adds new platforms, ladders, handrails, blade, push arms, support beams, wheel rims, compactor blocks etc to the waste compactor. Gessner Industries also handles all types of fabrication and manufactures a wide range of dozer canopies, stickrakes, cutterbars, blade ploughs and earthmoving equipment as well as a complete range of rippers.

Gessner Industries manufactures cutting edges which are made from high tensile plate. Cutting edges are available in 12 and 16 millimetres and can be supplied with 3/4 or 7/8 bolt holes. Non standard edges are also available from Gessner Industries.

Gessner Industries offers land clearing and development equipment. The GSS-040 is a heavy duty scraper and has a solid construction. The scraper has large capacity, unique loading apron and offers good floatation and stability. The scraper features a hydraulic ejector door and walking back wheels and is available with optional rippers.

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