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Animal traps and dog and primate infusions from Get Trapped

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Get Trapped  supplies live animal traps, hand and arm traps, steam traps and dog and primate infusions. A complete system of dog and primate infusions is available from Get Trapped. The range includes jackets, swivels, tethers, ambulatory, pumps, ports, pre filled syringes, blunt tip needles, rat catheters, and primate tethered systems, canine ambulatory systems, extension lines and much more.

Get Trapped supplies Rycor Medial Inc products such as hand and arm straps, hand surgery tables, tractions an finger traps, malleable anaesthesia screens, OR storage and infant stirrups. Get Trapped supplies also supplies live traps and animal cages. live traps and animal cages are available in 100 sizes and styles.

Get Trapped supplies live animal traps which are made from quality and durable materials. The live animal traps are constructed from heavy gauge galvanized wire mesh and steel rods with various doors and spring-locking mechanisms.

In addition to supplying live animal traps and dog and primate infusions, Get Trapped also supplies dog lures, fox lures, fox traps, possum and rabbit traps, mouse glue traps, wild dog traps, fox traps, cat traps, possum traps and rat traps.

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