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Get Trapped  specialises in supplying cage traps to capture possums, cats, scrub turkeys, foxes and dogs. Get Trapped offers cage traps for foxes which are available in 100 x 500 x 600 millimetre sizes.

Get Trapped provides a range of cage traps to capture scrub turkeys, large cats, rabbits, possums and rodents. Scrub turkey cage trap is available in 1100 x 470 x 470 millimetres. the size of large cat cage traps are 800 x 350 x 350 millimetres.

Get Trapped supplies numerous types of traps to suit specific purposes. Get Trapped supplies rabbit and possum cage traps which are available in 610 x 180 x 180 millimetre sizes. Rodent cage is also available which measures 410 x 130 x 130 millimetres in size.

Get Trapped offers soft jaw traps for capturing wild dogs and dingoes, foxes, rabbits, feral cats, wild pigs, scrub turkeys and other feral animals. The soft jaw traps do not injure the animals and are available in two sizes. There are traps with 1 ½ to 105 millimetres jaw width and 4 to 145 millimetres jaw width with 4 coil springs. A user information guide is available with the trap.

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