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Dog and fox lures from Get Trapped

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Get Trapped  offers dog lures and fox lures which are available in 4 and 1 ounce bottles respectively. In addition to providing dog lures, Get Trapped also supplies cage traps which are non-collapsible, strong and last for a long time. Get Trapped supplies numerous types of traps to suit specific needs. Get Trapped supplies quality products to suit specific purposes.

Get Trapped offers special possum and rabbit traps which are available in 600 millimetres x 180 millimetres x 180 millimetres. The possum and rabbit traps work very well and can be placed into ceilings or where space is limited.

Get Trapped offers cage traps to capture possums, cats, scrub turkeys, foxes and dogs. Get Trapped also supplies mouse glue traps which are powerful sticky mouse traps and do not contain any harmful toxic chemicals. The mouse glue trap is an environment-friendly product and is very hygienic. The mouse glue trap can be easily installed in narrow places and has an excellent adhesive strength and remains effective for a long time. The mouse glue trap can be used in homes, cookrooms, supermarkets, granary etc.

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