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Piping systems and valves from Gilbert Group (Qld)

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Gilbert Group (Qld)  offers SMC pneumatics solenoid valves, air line equipment, standard air cylinders and flow control equipment. Gilbert Group (Qld) has over a decade of experience in providing quality industrial equipment sales and service for the mining and engineering industries.

Gilbert Group (Qld) supplies Georg-Fischer piping systems which includes industrial systems, automation, distribution systems and domestic installations. The range of industrial systems includes adhesive jointed plastics, fusion jointed plastic, fusion jointing technologies and high performance plastics. The range of automation products includes angel seat valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, process control valves and variable area flow meters.

Gilbert Group (Qld) supplies Norgren products which includes actuators, control valves, air preparation, fittings and tubings, accessories and vacuum equipment. The range of vacuum equipment includes vacuum pumps, flat suction caps, suction cap accessories, pneumatic vacuum switches and vacuum filters.

Gilbert Group (Qld) supplies a comprehensive range of Norgren accessories such as air resevoirs, counters, exhaust port filters, flow regulators, non return valves, pressure indicators, pressure prop indicators, pneumatic timers, quick exhaust valves, sleeve valves and shuttle valves. Gilbert Group (Qld) supplies augers, brooms, swing control systems, trenching attachments, auger drive units and loader ramps.

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