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Finn-Crosses from Gippfinn Finnsheep

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Finsheep, available from Gippfinn Finnsheep are a medium finewool sheep that are one of the most productive sheep in the world.

Finncross lambs are leaner and livelier providing easier lambing and less fox predation, lowering lamb and ewe losses. Gippfinn Australian research shows that Finncross lambs have experienced a better survival rate when compared with other breeds. Having lively lambs is important as they get straight up and follow the dam trains, encouraging young ewes to be a better mother. Most importantly more live lambs means more profit.

The demand and value for Finn-Merino ewes makes breeding them a desirable option. Finn cross lambs have the potential to bring nearly as much value for their pelts as for their carcass. It is desirable to sell Finn cross wethers directly to the works because their reduced back fat can lead buyers to mistake them for stores.

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