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The Department of Agriculture research shows that Finsheep from Gippfinn Finnsheep are one of the most productive sheep of all breeds used for crossbreeding in the prime lamb industry in Australia. 

Finnsheep from Gippfin Finnsheep are reasonably large with ewes usually around 70 kg to 90 kg. The sheep are lean and fast-growing and are a medium-fine (22-28u) longwool sheep that can be shorn twice a year. High fertility and research proven fecundity of at least 265% and outstanding mothering and milking are characteristics of Finsheep. Under normal circumstances, Gippfinn raise their sheep without supplements by the dams in paddocks as triplets or quads.
Finnsheep have been in Finnland for over a thousand years. The Finns have developed a number of 'landraces' which will produce the maximum offspring from the minimum of animals overwintering. The Landrace Pig impacted on that industry during the sixties where productivity was more than doubled by the infusion of its superior genetics. Gippfin expect that the introduction of Finnish Landrace sheep genetics into the prime lamb industry will have a similar impact over the next 10 years.

Finnsheep are mostly browsers gaining most of their sustenance from the leaves of evergreen trees and supplementary feed is mainly cabbage. Finnsheep are a robust race of sheep and can survive quite extreme conditions, providing there is food available.

Throughout the drought over the last five years, no Finns have died whereas quite a number of Border Leicesters that were in the same paddock did. The Finnssheep were seen to be more active in seeking food by foraging down in the bracken and dogwood, eating the dead leaves from under the gums. Additionally, 100+ Borders raised less than one lamb each during the drought, the Finnssheep raised twins or triplets in the same paddock.

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