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Gippsland Remote Imaging Systems  offer a range of visual inspection and data collection services using thermal imaging, borescope video cameras and an “AC-ROV” submersible remotely-operated video system.

They also specialise in environmental sample collection, specifically for monitoring the efficiency of water treatment programs used in cooling towers, pits and tanks. They have more than 20 years experience in water treatment field service and, as such, clients can be assured of an accurate and entirely impartial assessment of water treatment service providers’ performance.

Thermal Imaging:

  • Locating faults in switchboards and electrical equipment
  • Electric motors and pump bearings
  • Locating termite colonies and animal pest infiltration
  • Hay bale and stack monitoring
  • Pre-screening of herd animals for injuries and diseases
  • Air conditioning and insulation performance
  • Draft and water seepage detection
Borescope cameras

Borescope cameras transmit visual images from extremely confined spaces, using a colour video camera mounted on a 2-metre flexible cable. The imaging head is waterproof and has a diameter of only 10mm, which enables it to enter otherwise inaccessible spaces.

Underwater ROV cameras

Underwater ROV cameras are useful for inspecting large water storage tanks, wells, pits and cooling towers. These ROV cameras are extremely maneuverable and stable; and are able to operate in fresh and salt water to a depth of 70 m.

They are also capable of retrieving small objects with their remote manipulator claws and are an extremely cost-effective method of inspecting boat hulls for fouling and ensuring that corrosion protection anodes are in good condition.

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