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Commercial cattle from Glenavon Angus Stud

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Glenavon Angus Stud  imported Angus cattle from Scotland in 1888 and has been producing commercial cattle ever since. Glenavon Angus Stud has over 400 stud cows and 1100 commercial cows. The company sources quality genetics that are utilised to breed selected Glenavon stud bulls. Each October, about 50 per cent of sale bulls are joined as yearlings.

Glenavon Angus Stud recently conducted a number of herd sales. In the year 2008, about 430 Angus steers aged 1.5 years old were sold. In the previous year, 95 bulls and 300 commercial heifers were sold. Glenavon Angus Stud sold about 80 bulls and 300 heifers at the annual sale in August 2006.

In April 2005, Glenavon Angus Stud sold about 534 weaner steers. The steers were sold in the middle of a drought yet weighed around 296 kilograms. In May 2004, approximately 417 weaner steers were sold. The weaner steers weighed 330 kilograms. In May 2003, about 407 weaner calves were sold on Auctionplus and then in May 2002, Glenavon Angus Stud sold 117 steer weaners to the Whyalla Feedlot. The Angus studs’ weight ranged from 320 to 420 kilograms. In May 2001, Glenavon Angus Stud achieved a record sale by selling 328 steer weaners aged 10 months.

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