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Glenavon Angus Stud  will be conducting a sale on 4th August 2008 at 1.00 pm. The sale will include 108 x2 year old Angus bulls and 200 x1 year old Angus heifers. The bulls and heifers are EU accredited. In the Annual Glenavon Angus Bull and Heifer Sale held on 13th August 2002, Glenavon Angus Stud sold around 259 and 74 Angus heifers and bulls that were aged one and two years respectively. Glenavon Angus Stud has been successfully breeding Angus cattle in Australia since 1888.

Glenavon Angus Stud ensures that its progeny achieves heavy weights and females are expected to breed for many years. Glenavon Angus Stud ensures that if the herd is not structurally sound or fails to rear a calf, it is sold for slaughter and is not used for breeding purposes. For future breeding purposes, Glenavon Angus Stud plans to use structurally sound outcross sires within Australia.

Glenavon Angus Stud invites cattlemen to select the bulls they require to suit their own breeding programmes and price range. All cattle from Glenavon Angus Stud are Johnes tested to the status of MN3.

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