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Stud bulls and sires from Glengarry Brahman Stud

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Yenda Calvin, from Glengarry Brahman Stud , is a large framed white bull that is known for its docile nature, correctness and quality beef. Glengarry Brahman Stud is a commercial cattle enterprise that specialises in white heifers and dark pigmented bulls.

A special stud sire from Glengarry Brahman Stud is the Tropical Cattle Rifleman. This young sire was chosen from the tropical cattle show team in 2005. The sire displays quality breeding character. Elrose Revival, from Glengarry Brahman Stud, is another bull that was bought when it was 12 months old. The bull is powerful with heavy built muscles and was sired by Lancefield Ambition.

Glengarry Brahman Stud has a moderate framed bull known as the PBF Grafton Manso. The bull has sound feet and legs displaying quality muscle, bone, depth and thickness. Glengarry Pinaroo is a large framed grey bull that weighs 1100 kilograms at 30 months. This grey bull has large hindquarters and is known for a good amount of beef and sire appeal. Glengarry Brahman Stud also purchased the FBC-W Jordan 086 bull for his conformation, style and breeding capabilities. This bull has mated about 50 females.

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