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White heifers and grey bulls from Glengarry Brahman Stud

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Glengarry Brahman Stud  offers white heifers as well as grey and dark pigmented bulls. The Glengarry Le Countess Manso 1477 is a high quality white heifer that is feminine and has reared a calf every year. Glengarry Brahman Stud sold a large framed grey bull called Tropical Cattle Amos 3125. The sire was used in the stud for two seasons. The bull’s progeny is straight white and displays a lot of style.

Glengarry Brahman Stud purchased Carinya Hudson which is a dark pigmented bull aged 2 years old and weighs 800 kilograms. Glengarry Brahman Stud added yet another sire to the herd. Boss Sir Julio Madison is a young white grey bull that is noted for his correctness.

Glengarry Brahman Stud purchased a young sire named Elrose Natureman. The bull was bought at 14 months of age and has smooth muscles and displays exceptional temperament.

Glengarry Belle 1480 from Glengarry Brahman Stud is a grey female that is very feminine and displays a lot of style. The grey cow has produced top quality bulls as well as a set of twin heifers that were sold for a good price. Glengarry Belle 1480 grey female was sold to GW & GK Newsome.

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