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Liquid cartage tanks allow for controlled water use

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article image These water cartage tanks are highly useful during times of drought
Water cartage tanks from Global Roto-Moulding are particularly useful during times of drought, as they allow users to fill them with the desired amount of water, no more, no less.

The University of Nebraska Cropping Systems Team explains "crop management hinges on the availability of water. For example, optimal plant populations will vary depending on the quantity of water available during the growing season."

The Cropping Systems Team goes on to explain that soil fertility will  similarly vary according to the amount of water it receives.

If soil does not receive enough water, it's nutrient levels will be low,  which will affect the growth rate and quality of crops and plants.

Water cartage tanks allow users to provide crops, plants and soil with the  necessary amount of water required to survive, while at the same time by controlling the amount of water used they prevent water wastage.

The water cartage tanks are suited to Australia’s hot, dry conditions as they are constructed from durable polyethylene and offer UV protection, which ensures they maintain their structure and ability to hold water, even in the warmest of conditions.

The water cartage tanks can be used across all areas of a property, as they can be placed on the back of trailers and trucks and transported elsewhere, or they can simply exist as a free standing tank.

Water leakage is highly unlikely when using these water cartage tanks, even after periods of rough, extended travel, as they are equipped with a firmly secured 285mm hinged flip top lid which ensures no amount of water is lost during travel.

These water cartage tanks enable property owners and care takers to supply their crops, plants and the soil in which they grow with the amount of water they require, while at they same time they ensure water stores are not completely depleted.

While the water tanks can be used during times of drought to conserve water, they can be used at all at times to promote a more sustainable approach to water usage.

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