Global Roto-Moulding News

Case study: Rotomoulding safety guards
25.11.2013 - One of the growing markets in Australia for rotomoulded parts is the mining industry.
Liquid cartage tanks allow for controlled water use
29.08.2012 - Water cartage tanks from Global Roto-Moulding are particularly useful during times of drought, as they allow users to fill the tanks with the desired amount of water.
New additions to Classic series of cartage transport tanks
12.12.2011 - Due to popular demand, Global Rotomoulding have increased their range of Cartage tanks.
Save space and tap into natural resource with underground rain water tanks from Global Roto-Moulding
31.10.2011 - These tanks are available in two different sizes and are engineered for use inall soil and weather conditions.
Global Roto-Moulding manufacture storage and transportable molasses tanks
27.10.2011 - These tanks are specifically engineered for the storage and transportation of high density molasses for farming needs.
Large Transporter Tanks from Global Water
30.06.2011 - Global Water offers a comprehensive range of transporter tanks for water cartage, spraying applications and transporting fertilisers.
Global Water releases a water tank and trough product brochure
30.05.2011 - Global Water has released a comprehensive brochure featuring all their products, including their water storage tanks and troughs.
Fertigation Mixing Tanks from Global Water
09.02.2011 - Global Water offer a range of flat bottom and centre drain fertigation tanks.
13,000 litre cartage tanks now available from Global Water
08.02.2011 - Global Water’s design engineer has developed 13,000 litre cartage tanks.
Urban Slimline Rainwater Tanks from Global Rotomoulding
07.12.2010 - Global Rotomoulding supplies a range of urban slimline rainwater tanks designed for use in space-constrained locations.
New Tool Box from Global Rotomoulding
18.11.2010 - Global Rotomoulding introduces a new line of tool boxes with highly versatile uses.
Global Rotomoulding Launches a New Series of Small Spray and Diesel Cartage Tanks
17.09.2010 - Global Rotomoulding has developed a new line of small spray and diesel cartage tanks to meet the demand across diverse industries for practical and user-friendly tank products.
New Water Cartage Tanks from Global Rotomoulding
24.08.2010 - Global Rotomoulding has released a new range of large water cartage tanks to meet the increasing demand of cartage tanks.
Custom moulding products, water tanks and troughs and from Global Rotomoulding
11.07.2008 - Global RotoMoulding manufactures custom moulding products and specialises in moulding a wide range of customer products to exact specifications.
Water cartage tanks from Global Rotomoulding
10.07.2008 - Global Rotomoulding offers water cartage tanks, rainwater tanks and troughs. The range includes cartage tanks, linkage tanks, low profile tanks, mister tanks and small spray tanks.
Water transport and storage tanks from from Global Rotomoulding
09.07.2008 - Global Rotomoulding specialises in providing water transport tanks, water storage tanks, troughs and custom moulded products.
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