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Tractor degreasers from Gold Leaf Enterprizes

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Gold Leaf Enterprizes  now have a range of tractor degreasers available to help keep tractors in quality working order.

Gold Leaf Enterprizes' Engine and Bilge Cleaner is a high strength, water-based tractor degreaser. It rapidly cleans grease, grime and oil from bilges, bulkheads, compressors, decks, engines, and floors, and also helps to reduce fumes and fire danger. Engine and Bilge Cleaner is an easy to use tractor degreaser that is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, biodegradable and solvent-free.

HD Tractor Degreaser from Gold Leaf Enterprizes is a heavy duty, industrial strength tractor degreaser and sanitiser. It emulsifies grease and oil spontaneously, even in very hard water or seawater, and it disinfects while it cleans. HD Tractor Degreaser is recommended for cleaning and sanitising:

  • concrete floors
  • food processing equipment
  • fishing boat decks
  • bilges
  • weathered aluminium truck bodies; and
  • engines etc.
Gold Leaf Enterprizes' Solvent Tractor Degreaser is a powerful blend of solvents and emulsifying surfactants, ideal for the general clean-up of tractor engines and heavy machinery such as:
  • combine harvesters
  • workshop equipment
  • concrete floors
  • bilges; and
  • tanks.

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