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Goats, does and cashmeres from Gossamer Down

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Gossamer Down  specialises in breeding commercial livestock such as goats and sheep. Commercial Boer goats became a part of the Gossamer Down stud in 1997 and were tried over the cashmeres. Later, Gossamer Down expanded its herd to 2000 commercial does, cashmere, nubian cashmere and several full blood Boer does. The Boer goats now comprise of over 300 full blood does which exhibit strong genetic content.

Over the years, Gossamer Down has sold numerous starter herds of crossbred does. Gossamer Down has produced about 200 bucks out of which 50 bucks were retained for commercial sires. Gossamer Down has included its bucks in the commercial survival trial. In the future, Gossamer Down will not be conducting any embryo transfer work in order to assess natural offspring for commercial culling. Gossamer Down offers quality commercial and stud stock to meet today’s market needs. Gossamer Down is located near Baradine in NSW.

Gossamer Down has selected stud sires to join its current herd. The stud sires were chosen for their carcass attributes and structure in order to deliver quality stock for both commercial goat farmer and stud breeder.

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