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Rams and ewes from Gossamer Down

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Gossamer Down  will be conducting a Spring Ram Sale on 12th August 2008 at Coonamble Showground. About 60 selected rams and 40 fullblood ewes will be offered for sale. The sale will begin in the afternoon.

Gossamer Down had held an Autumn Ram Sale at Coonamble Showground on 15th February. The sale attracted potential purchasers from various areas and achieved about 80 percent of clearance sale. Gossamer Down is located near Baradine in NSW. At the Dubbo National Show, Gossamer Dow was awarded 4 class ribbons.

Gossamer Down has recently used their own sires along with those purchased from Highveld, Kotze Alliance, including several Kaya sires, top priced ram and Edson 379. Edson 379 ram won the Dubbo National Champion in 2006.

Gossamer Down is expecting lambs sired by the above rams as well as rams imported as embryos from Kasteel. All imported rams were classed and studded. Gossamer Down stocks stud sires which were purchased for their carcass attributes and structure. With the help of genetic evaluation, Gossamer Down provides the required breeding stock for both commercial goat farmer and stud breeder.

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