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Commercial breeding of cows and bulls from Graffoe Limousin Stud

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Graffoe Limousin Stud  has a herd of 50 registered cows and heifers and is planning to offer their progeny for stud and commercial use. Crossbreeding with Limousin cattle offers increased vealer weights, improved dressing percentage and refined textures.

Graffoe Limousin Stud looks for certain traits in its stud females. Traits include good structure, quiet temperament, good do-ability and good calf every year. Structure encompasses good ribs, strong legs and feet and wide hind-quarters with plenty of muscle.

White Lakes Bootlegger is stud sire from Graffoe Limousin Stud. The bull is in the top 5 percent of the national herd for milk and all indexes and in the top 10 percent for scrotal size, daughter's calving ease and carcass weight. The bull has also won the ‘Grand Champion Bull’ and the ‘2007 Wagin All Breeds’ awards. The bull has a friendly and docile nature.

The Lochton Black Colin B83 from Graffoe Limousin Stud is a stylish bull and is placed in the top 20 percent for all indexes. Graffoe Limousin Stud also offers its livestock for commercial purposes. The cattle have heavy muscle and are low in saturated fats and cholesterol.

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