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Cows, bulls and heifers from Graffoe Limousin Stud

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Graffoe Limousin Stud  specialises in breeding commercial cattle and has over 10 years of experience in running commercial purebred Limousin herds. Graffoe Limousin Stud has crossed the commercial purebred Limousin herds with the British breeds.

Graffoe Limousin Stud has crossbred females which deliver heavy MSA grading vealers for local butchers. The crossbred females also produce Limousin Hardwicks which are used for Melbourne restaurant trade. Graffoe Limousin Stud offers Limousin/Angus and Angus/Limousin crossbred females which are popular as breeders.

Graffoe Limousin Stud offers the Mandayen Explosion A516 which is a long and smooth bull with exceptional rib, rump fat and intra muscular fat. The bull displays good muscle, softness and structural soundness. Graffoe Limousin Stud offers the Ramornie Rawhide A53 bull which is placed at the top 5 percent of the breed for 200 day growth, milk and scrotal, and also placed in the top 10 percent for 600 day growth, carcase weight, intra muscular fat, and domestic and steer indexes. The Ramornie Rawhide A53 bull also achieved the top 15 percent for 400 day growth, docility, and steer index and top 20 percent for calving ease daughters and mature cow weight.

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