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GrainCorp Announce - Widespread Rain Sees East Coast Crop Planted

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Leading Australian agri-food business GrainCorp Limited (“GrainCorp”) today announced that the planted area for grain crops across its East Coast operating regions has reached 80-90% following recent rainfall.

“The season is taking shape earlier than last year with the bulk of crops now planted in most growing regions despite the late break” said Tom Keene, Managing Director of GrainCorp.

Recent rain in New South Wales and Victoria of between 10-30mm has allowed previously dry-sown crops to germinate and has bolstered crops which had already emerged and were in need of additional moisture.

Central Queensland has retained a healthy moisture profile for the greater part of the year and crops there are progressing well. Southern Queensland remains dry and needs to receive significant rainfall in the two to three weeks or growers will move from a winter to summer crop program.

New South Wales has received adequate rain to allow growth but will require additional rain throughout the season to ensure desired crop yields.

After getting off to a good start, the Victorian crop has largely survived scares associated with a subsequent dry spell, and has stabilised into the growing period. All areas will require follow up rain over the next three months.

GrainCorp will issue its first winter crop receival forecast for 2006/07 in late July.

Strengthening the network

GrainCorp has recently put in place a new network that focuses resources on the top eighty sites which receive over 70% of grain receivals. The sites, known as Grain Service Centres, will be permanently staffed, will provide 24 hour access to stored grain and will receive further investments over time to ensure they remain delivery points of choice for growers.

“Our new network of 250 Grain Service Centres across the eastern states will ensure that we focus our capital expenditure at the facilities where our grower customers prefer to deliver their grain” added Mr Keene.

Wheat Australia

Wheat Australia announced on 30 May 2006 that it has successfully concluded an agreement with the Iraqi Grains Board (IGB) on terms for the sale of Australian wheat under the March 2006 tender. The agreement is for 350,000 tonnes of wheat with the first shipment to occur in July 2006.

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