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Aerated grain bunkers from Grainair are a viable grain storage solution for the changing climate

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Now available from Grainair , aerated grain bunkers are an ideal grain storage solution for ever changing Australian climate.

For many years Australian farmers have been at the mercy of the changing the weather patterns across the Australian wheat belt. Areas that were once safe farming areas have in most cases been reduced to marginal cropping areas at best as farmers have been forced to face change in order to survive the ever changing seasons.

Growers have embraced change in the areas of GPS systems, cost effective crop growing, stubble mulching techniques and moisture management, that is farming moisture from direct drilling. Gone are days of endlessly fallowing paddocks to prepare a seed bed, which is now seen as a waste of sub soil moisture.

As a grain producing community everyone has seen change in the preparation, sowing and stripping of crops, however there has been little to no change in crop storage techniques.

Farmers have headers that are capable of stripping up to 100 hectares of crop a day. However, most producers find it necessary to travel huge distances from the paddock to the bulk head, where a grain bunker is cheap, which can mean the most valuable asset, the header itself, can lay idle waiting for the trucks to return before the process can resume.

Farmers are spending huge amounts of money on storage, additional field bins, and trucks to keep their headers at capacity, where an aerated grain bunker is an obvious solution. Gas tight uprights may be out of reach, but grain bunkers and aerated grain bunkers are a viable solution.

There is also a growing threat on the horizon in the grain pests to phosphine ratio, which is now at 48% and growing across most states. This shows that farmers are using far too many applications to kill insects, which means that as resistance grows more and more applications of pesticide will be required to achieve a result. Aerated grain bunkers can provide a solution here aswell, as they remove upwards of 85% of grain pests.

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