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High marbling cattle sires from Gralunga Angus

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Gralunga Angus  were one of the first studs to implement the Breedplan programme. Artificial insemination is adopted to yield bloodlines of superior semen of North American cattle breeds. Those bulls that possess traits that meet commercial requirements are selected for the programmes.

Amongst the sires used for the breeding programmes are ACF Bushman by Rock ā€˜nā€™ D Ambush, SAV Hemi, Whitestone Survivor N088 by BCC Bushwacker, CA Future Direction and Bon View Emulation EXT 473.

In 2007, Gralunga Angus offered 91 stud cows for sale. The age of the cows ranged between 20 months to five years. About 17 cows in the age group of 6-9 years were also offered on sale. The genetics available included Whitestone Survivor and Hyline Right, amongst others.

The bulls offered by Gralunga Angus are structurally correct, young but well grow. Many of them are bred from high marbling sires. Gralunga Angus also plans to provide semen shares for Gralunga Qantas, which is a proven sire in the five years category and a part of the Group Breedplan. Also available from Gralunga Angus are three year old bulls from high amrbling US sires.

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