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Rural bulk grain sheds from Grant Sheds

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Grant Sheds  offer bulk grain sheds under their rural sheds category. These sheds come with a column height of 5.1m and grain lining of 3m. Bulk grain sheds are typically have one end open so that the top of the grain pile nearly touches the centre of the roof when the grain shed is stacked up to the grain lining height. This makes grain storage with Grain Sheds’ bulk grain sheds a cost effective option.

The others specifications of Grant Sheds’ bulk grain sheds include: span of 12m, 15m or 20m; 3m and 6m bay width and any length in increments of these widths; and 5.1m height. Grant Sheds have designed the grain lining of their bulk grain sheds in such a way that they have strong tolerance for the grain load pressure applied internally. Between the main wall columns, which are already intermediate and stayed, stayed posts are placed for additional strength. Wall girts are placed very close to each other and the lining is made of heavier gauge iron for strength.

Grant Sheds also provide consulting for farmers on the possible shed capacity for the size they need. The bulk grain sheds provided by Grant Sheds are aimed at enabling uninterrupted harvest operations for farmers by empowering them with their own on-farm storage systems so that they do not have to wait for the availability of third party storage facilities. Especially when farmers want to stock their harvests in anticipation of a good time to sell, Grant Sheds offer storage systems that are cost effective.

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