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Keech tillage points and harvest equipment from Great Western Tillage

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Great Western Tillage  is an authorised distributor of the Keech KAG deep tillage products and Keech DDP minimum tillage points. Great Western Tillage is also a division of Great Western Corporation.

The Keech direct drill and deep tillage equipment from Great Western Tillage includes Keech direct drill points, Keech deep tillage, Keech adaptor fitting instructions and Keech direct drill adaptors. Keech drill points from Great Western Tillage are available in various sizes and twelve different models. The Keech direct drilling adaptors include bolt adaptors, weld on adaptor, extra long adaptor, cultivator adaptor, knock on metal point adaptor and wedge system adaptor.

Harvest equipment offered by Great Western Tillage is available in wide ranges including crop lifter, Rasspe connectors, Schumacher easy cut cutting system and pro drive knife drives. The easy cut cutting system is easy to assemble and requires minimum maintenance. Pro drive knife drives come with range of planetary gear systems. It is designed with vertical and horizontal input drive versions. The pro drive knife drives help in linear knife movements and high cutting speed.

Rasspe sectional knives are ideal for cutting systems with guards and forged steel fingers. It is available for wide range of models. It is easy to handle and comes with pre-assembled segments.

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