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Keeping lawns looking their best requires basic lawn supplies. Those interested in transforming their backyard into a full blown lawn garden, now have a wide range of lawn supplies to choose from. 

Green Life Turf express their concern for customers by providing useful information to help in creating or maintaining their lawn garden.


One of the basic lawn supplies and tools that householders use is the mower. A new lawn is usually mowed after 2 to 4 weeks when the lawn has firmly gripped the soil. There are different types of mowers available in the market which growers use, depending on the type of turf being maintained.

Water Hoses

Water hoses are also among the basic lawn supplies and tools used by householders. A newly installed lawn garden needs approx 25 mm of water. A householder needs to water his new lawn on a daily basis (depending on weather conditions) to keep the turf and soil moist, until it can be firmly rooted. Some of the more common types of include standard hoses, flat hoses, soaker hoses and soak and spray hoses.


Fertilizers are also one of the basic lawn supplies householders typically use to maintain their lawn garden. Fertilizing is usually required once in early spring and once in late autumn.

There are other lawn supplies and tools which gardeners may opt to purchase, depending on their specific lawn maintenance needs.

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