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Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

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Water shortage is an endemic problem, worldwide. This is the main reason many commercial and residential customers prefer using soft leaf buffalo grass over other turf varieties.

Soft Leaf Buffalo grass, available from Green Life Turf , has an attractive broad leaf, has good shade tolerance and requires little watering. Because of these facts, soft leaf buffalo grass is ideal for laying in large landscaped businesses, schools, parks and even residential properties.

Ground preparation for soft leaf buffalo grass:

  • To prepare the ground for soft leaf buffalo grass, a lot depends on soil quality. Firstly, spray all weeds and old grasses with round up or a similar herbicide approximately 14 days before preparing the ground for soft leaf buffalo grass, and then assess soil quality.
  • If the soil is poor quality or clayey, excavate the area to a depth of approximately 150mm to 200mm below pathways, etc and replace with a good quality sand and soil mix, leaving a gap from the top of the topsoil to pathways, etc of 30 – 40mm.
  • If the soil is in good condition, remove all existing dead weeds and grasses and work the soil, loosening to a depth of around 100mm to 200mm. Rake and level out soil to a smooth finish. Measure the area to determine how much Soft Leaf Buffalo grass is required.

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