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Turf Supplies in Sydney

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Green Life Turf  is a Sydney-based supplier of turf grass varieties suitable for home and commercial lawns.

Today, more and more households and commercial firms in Sydney consider turf as a lush outdoor carpet for their properties.

In addition to enhancing the overall appeal of the home or business, grass lawns also offer various environmental benefits.

Improves business and economic value of the property

Turf supplies in Sydney are much sought after because a lawn helps to improve the business and economic value of a property. Studies show that a lawn significantly increases property value by as much as 15 to 20 percent.

Many real estate agents vouch for the fact that properties with lawn landscapes are sold more rapidly.

Nature’s air-conditioner

Turf serves as a natural air-conditioner. The difference in temperature can be felt more on a hot day.

Turf regulates the heat for as much as 70 tons of air conditioning, sufficient to cool 16 average-sized homes.

Dust filter

Another environmental benefit of turf is that it acts as a dust filter, trapping dust and smoke particles. A number of people consider turf supplies, particularly in those Sydney areas where there is a large increase in the volume of cars and trucks that release noxious fumes.

Erosion control

There is an increasing demand for turf supplies in Sydney because it is proven to control soil erosion. Grass intercepts raindrops and moderates its impact on the soil.

Green Life Turf is a trusted provider of turf supplies in Sydney.

Recently announced as the winner of the 2009 Australian Achiever Award for NSW’s Landscape, Nursery and Garden Services and Supplies Category, Green Life Turf continues to be a leading choice for customers not only in turf supplies but also various gardening and installation services in Sydney.

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