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Green Systems Group answers FAQ about its solar modules

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Green Systems Group answers some frequently asked questions about its solar modules.  

Q. What size solar module do I need?  

A. The solar module must be an adequate size to meet the load demands of the appliances that will be used.  This can be determined by a number of calculations:

  • the amount of available sunlight in location
  • the number and load drain of the appliances
  • expected usage of the appliances  
Green Systems’ team of technical staff can help to make these calculations.   An approximate guide to required solar modules is:

  • small 5-watt module - will maintain the charge of a battery used for infrequent boating
  • 80-watt module - generally used by caravan owners to power small appliances and lighting
  • 10 x 150-watt modules – will power a small residence  
Q. What is the operational life of a solar module?  

A. Solar modules generally come with a 20 year manufacturers output. This long life is due to the lack of moving parts and chemicals to break down.  There is also typically a 2 year workmanship warranty that covers laminating, frame assembly and electrical connections.  

Q. Will solar modules work without direct sunlight?

A. Solar modules continue to work at a reduced output on cloudy days.  On overcast days energy output can be reduced by as much as 90%.  

Q. Can solar modules be directly connected to a battery?  

A. Solar panels should be attached to batteries via a charge controller.  This ensures that batteries are charged with sufficient voltage to ensure optimum current flow to the battery without being overcharged, which can cause permanent damage.  

Q. How long do batteries take to fully recharge?  

A. Different batteries will take varying amounts of time to charge.  From a completely discharged state using a 10 watt module a 6Ah battery will take approximately 10 hours to fully charge in bright sunlight.    

Q. How do I mount the solar panel?  

A. All solar panels from Green Systems are supplied with a solid aluminium frame that can be bolted to a fixture, such as a backing plate or mounting arrangement.  

Q. What distance can the connection wires be extended over?  

A. It is advisable to keep connection wires to the minimum possible length.   This reduces voltage-drop from cable resistance.  Heavy duty cable can be extended further than standard cable.  

Contact Green Systems Group for more advice on selecting a suitable solar solution.  

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