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Greenelf Applicator from GreenElf Works is an electronic dry grain applicator tool for plant nurseries using granular fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides. Dry grain applicator provides good dose control and accuracy with increased speed and efficiency. Dry grain applicator is comfortable and easy to handle and completes the job faster and at one-third of labour cost. Dry grain applicators are available in both hand-held and automated models.

501 applicator series from GreenElf Works are made for medium sized granular material such as fertilisers and other dry free-flowing products. 501 applicator series provide a dose range between 2.5 to 78 grams and are available with 250 adjustable dose settings. 501 applicator series include both hand held and automated industrial applicators. Hand held top dressing applicator has up to 9.5 kilograms capacity, while automated industrial applicators are used for various automated production setups. GreenElf Works also offers 302 applicator series which are suitable for fine grained materials such as herbicides, pesticides and other dry free-flowing products. GreenElf Works is based in Sydney, Australia and supplies a wide range of grain applicators in various models.

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