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Cross and adjustable sprayers from GreenTech Australia

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GreenTech Australia  offers a wide range of vineyard spray products. The vineyard products from GreenTech Australia are distributed to viticulture, horticultural and agricultural sectors. The vineyard spray products offered by GreenTech Australia include adjustable sprayers; three rows spray systems, cross sprayers and semi adjustable cross sprayers.

The cross sprayers from GreenTech Australia include 900 litre cross sprayer, 400 litre cross sprayer and garden door sprayers. The 900-litre range of cross sprayer from GreenTech Australia is ideal for narrow rows. This model of sprayer is used in Napa valley and US vineyards. It comes with standard spray heads and effective for spraying two rows at time.

Adjustable sprayers offered by GreenTech Australia are available in various sizes. The 3000 litre and 4000 litre range of adjustable sprayer is ideal for long spraying purposes. It can be attached to the tanks and allows long gap between fill ups. This adjustable sprayer come with eight spray heads and ideal for vineyards having large row spaces. Hydraulic arm adjustments, spray computer controllers, tyre and tandem wheel axels are the features of this sprayer. Semi adjustable sprayers are also available in various models.

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