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GreenTech spray system from GreenTech Australia

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GreenTech Australia  specialises in designing and manufacturing innovative machinery and technology for viticulture, horticultural and agricultural sectors. GreenTech Australia was established in the year 1997 and was in the process of developing three-row spray system in collaboration with Fosters Wine Group. These sprayers were used to control the diseases and pests in vineyards.

The GreenTech spray system from GreenTech Australia is manufactured using electrically driven fans. The driven fan helps in generating high revolutions than the usual hydraulic pressure nozzles and driven fans placed in front of the fan blades. These processes help in providing optimal spray coverage to the crop, which is achieved due to increased air pressure that is coupled with low volume sized droplets. The GreenTech spray system is electrically driven and it creates efficient volume of air.

The spray equipment offered under the umbrella of the GreenTech spray system is ideal for use in orchards, row cropping, vineyards and other agricultural sectors. The GreenTech spray systems are designed and manufactured with help of quality technology and services. The spray systems offered by GreenTech Australia includes row crop spray products, orchard spray products, vineyard spray products.

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