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Greene Eden Watering Systems offers total irrigation management package

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Total irrigation management solutions are offered by Greene Eden Watering Systems through various services. Greene Eden Watering Systems provides irrigation solutions through TIMPACK. This TIMPACK, known as total irrigation management package along with surface drip irrigation offers remote monitoring, management and reporting of water with help of irrigation systems.

Total irrigation management package consists of design, supply, consulting and installation, measuring, reporting and recording of irrigation systems. The schedule arranged for irrigation of turf should be based on the relationship between soil, water and plant. The levels of evaporation and transpiration are gauged and the moisture formed is replaced with help of the irrigation system. The quality outcome of the turf depends on the timing of water applications.

The irrigation schedules for turfed areas are set based on the evapotranspiration and other documented rates. These rates are determined with help of Irrigated Public Open Space Benchmark Irrigation requirement that are established by the irrigation industry. Remote setting, managing, recording and monitoring of irrigation schedules from Greene Eden Watering Systems are offered from the Gepps Cross office. TIMPACK is provided with unrestricted SA Water permit and Smart Watermark Approval.

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