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Cattle grazing operations from Greswick Angus

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Greswick Angus  specialises in offering an accredited cattle care grazing operation with properties in upper and lower Hunter Valley. The stud foundation females for grazing operations were purchased by Greswick Angus from the Oak Hill Angus and Merric performance Angus herd dispersals. Genetic species of Farrer and Booroomooka herds were also added to the above core-breeding herd. These animals were selected by Greswick Angus based on the depth of breeding.

Greswick Angus is involved in checking the performance criteria of each breed grazed on their property through Estimated Breeding Values. These breeding performances are recorded with in the Angus group breed plan. The data is recorded based on APR and HBR registered animals. Artificial insemination programmes are also conducted by Greswick Angus on the farm each year.

Artificial insemination programme is carried out with the help of new and proved genetics to complement the base attributes among the females. Some of the homegrown bulls at Greswick Angus are mated with semen sires. Regular health treatment is provided to the herds at Greswick Angus. The calves are vaccinated and the cattle are provided with annual boosters.

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