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Greswick Angus offers Greswick stockman, Whiskey sires for sale

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Greswick Angus  is involved in selling a range of animals for sale. The sales are carried out by Greswick Angus in the accredited cattle care grazing operation with properties in upper and lower Hunter Valley. Greswick Hi-Flyer is a home-retained sire from Greswick Angus ideal for stud services. The Greswick Hi-Flyer was one of the bulls with impressive phenotype since birth and recorded for its two hundred days growth at 364 kilograms. This Greswick Hi-Flyer from Greswick Angus is ideal for safe use with heifers.

Greswick Angus has Greswick stockman X8 series of sire for sale. The Greswick stockman range of sire is home bred and it is retained for its natural services based on the outstanding growth performance. The Greswick stockyard from Greswick Angus X8 had two hundred day weight.

The Fivestar Whiskey BGXW006 range of sire is an Australian bred bull that was known for its low birth weight. Wide range of SAF focus progeny with huge body depth and temperament is also available for sale at Greswick Angus. The bush grand design is a packaged breeding bull that was added carcases and was ranked for its two hundred day growth. This sire was light in weight during birth.

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