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Portable and permanent sheep yard from Gribeen Manufacturing

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Gribeen Manufacturing  offers portable and permanent sheep yards. The portable sheep yards manufactured by Gribeen Manufacturing are flexible in design. The portable sheep yards can be relocated easily and can be erected when required for certain specific management procedures. Heavy-duty portable sheep yards come with range of permanent panels. The top and bottom rails are used in making permanent panels. All these panels are manufactured with help of high tensile steel.

Gribeen Manufacturing offers different design layouts to handle flocks up to 3,000 head. The panels come in various heights and lengths. Basic kits offered by Gribeen Manufacturing include 26-panel kit, 40-panel kit, 50-panel kit and 83-panel kit. The 26-panel kit is ideal for working with 350 sheep whereas 50-panel kit was ideal for working with 1,100 sheep.

Permanent range of sheep yards are designed to handle flocks of ten thousand sheep. The permanent sheep yard was designed based on bulge type system and the vertical steel insert panel was designed to minimise the physical inputs and reduce the stress. These permanent sheep yard from Gribeen Manufacturing are manufactured using high tensile steel materials. The sheep yard is designed with help of hot dipped galvanised steel panels that are set on the concrete.

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