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Insecticides from Griffin Corporation

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Griffin Corporation  offers different types of fungicides and insecticides to grain and special crop sectors in Australia. These agricultural products are ideal for use in crops like cane, pastures, cereals, fruits, vegetables and cotton. The products from Griffin Corporation are distributed by DuPont.

Griffin Corporation manufactures a wide range of insecticides such as the Avatar, Marlin and Intruder. The Avatar insecticide has a unique range action. It provides broad-spectrum control against caterpillars and pests in pome and brassica fruits. The active ingredient of this insecticide is indoxacarb that is ideal for commercial use. Indoxacarb belongs to the oxadiazine group of insecticides. This insecticide works by paralysing the nervous system of the insect or pest.

The Intruder insecticide from Griffin Corporation is suitable for applications in the commercial sectors. The Intruder is an aphicide and is fully translocated within the underside of the cotton plant. This insecticide is ideal for controlling aphid populations. The Intruder insecticide is applied in two ways such as aerial and ground application. It is also compatible with thidiazuron and mepiquat chloride. The Marlin range of insecticides is a water miscible liquid and is applied with the help of sprayers. It helps in controlling various types of insect biotypes.

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