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Anti slip tapes and lighting products from Grip Wise Anti-Slip

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Grip Wise Anti-Slip  offers a complete range of self-adhesive anti slip materials. The range of anti slip materials includes Safety-Grip, Aqua-Safe, Bolt Down plates and Conformable tapes. Safety-Grip anti slip material is available in standard, coarse and extra coarse types, while Aqua-Safe anti slip material is perfect for bathrooms, boats etc. Bolt Down plates can be used when an instant non-slip surface is required, while Conformable tapes are designed for irregular surfaces. Grip Wise Anti-Slip also offers accessories such as cleaners and primers.

Grip Wise Anti-Slip offers high traction safety tape products which help in preventing slip and fall problems. Safety tape products improve product performance and increase floor safety. Safety tape materials can be used indoors and outdoors and can even be worked around oil, grease, and water. Non slip tapes are competitively priced and are available in a wide range of colours including clear, printed and glow in the dark tapes. Anti slip tapes provide permanent adhesion and can be easily applied.

Grip Wise Anti-Slip offers a safe and natural earth mineral called Lumenite(R) Light Sleeve. The lighting product uses a non-radioactive metal oxide mineral and absorbs energy from any light source. In case of power failure, the lighting product automatically emits light to illuminate the area.

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