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Tactiles from Grip Wise Anti-Slip

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Grip Wise Anti-Slip  are floor safety specialists who provide solutions for slippery floors. Grip Wise Anti-Slip provide safety products for all types of floor surfaces, making them safe to walk on. Many of the products can be applied with the right equipment and most of them are non-toxic and non hazardous and do not cause any environmental problems.

Grip Wise Anti-Slip supplies non slip products that range from chemical floor treatments to rubber mats and tapes. Grip Wise Anti-Slip has also introduced a number of safety products to compliment its floor safety product. LunaGlow photoluminescent light sleeves are safety products that glow in the dark during blackout or power failure.

Grip Wise Anti-Slip offers durable and aesthetically pleasing tactile ground surface indicators. Tactile ground surface indicators have state of the art design and do not peel, lift, chip, crack or slip after installation. Tactiles are available in four standard colours, but custom made tactiles are also available. Grip Wise Anti-Slip installs both hazard tactiles and directional tactiles. All tactiles comply with Australian standards. Wonder Step is yet another anti slip treatment product from Grip Wise Anti-Slip which makes the surface safe to walk on when wet.

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