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Heavy and medium duty trailing discs from Grizzly Engineering

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Grizzly Engineering  offers innovative and reliable machines like grader blades, discs and deep diggers. All these products from Grizzly Engineering are ideal for wide range of farming practices. The medium duty trailing discs offered by Grizzly Engineering includes true blue, grumpy swinger, little grumpy and sand groper.

San groper range of medium duty trailing discs is durable, light and ideal for sandy soil conditions. Sand gropers provide versatile and accurate solutions for manuring and weed killing. Sand gropers come with low horsepower requirements, decreased stress and deep consistency. It comes in folding wing design and easy to transport. In dry working areas, liquid can be filled in the exterior wing beam present. It is available in sizes ranging from 8.7 metres to 12 metres with disc sizes from 610 millimetres to 660 millimetres.

Heavy-duty trailing discs from Grizzly Engineering include field master, filed boss, swinger, row cropper, east coaster, heavy duty offset, heavy-duty tandem offset and heavy west coaster. Field boss with folding wings from Grizzly Engineering is constructed using groundbreaking technologies for easy penetration in heavy and tight soils. It is available in both folding wing formats and fixed frame formats. It is ideal for work with small to broad acre farms and is ideal for working with undulating and uneven ground.

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