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Benefits of organic fertilisers from GroMor

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The GroMor organic fertilisers from GroMor are eco-friendly and provide customers with a range of benefits. The organic fertiliser from GroMor is balanced in soil microorganisms, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. GroMor organic fertiliser is manufactured based on six patented stage process. This patented process helps in accelerating the decomposition process for immediate availability of the nutrients to the plants. The GroMor organic fertiliser is biologically active and safe to the environment.

The organic fertiliser from GroMor is a living product and it contains beneficial fungi, and bacteria. The GroMor organic fertiliser is capable of converting the nutrients that are readily accessed by the plants. This organic fertiliser is an alternative to green feedlot waste disposal. The organic fertilisers are odour free and are ideal choice for interior and exterior purposes. It is stable and slows down the leaching of nutrients when used.

This organic fertiliser offered by GroMor, when used during mulching process helps in improving the decomposition process. It is accredited by the Biological Farmers Association. These organic fertilisers are eco-friendly and it improves the sustainability of the soil and plants. This biologically active fertiliser from GroMor enhances the existing flora, fauna, soil within that soil.

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