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Micronutrients of organic fertilisers from GroMor

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GroMor  offers different types of GroMor 100 percent organic fertiliser made from various elements. The GroMor organic fertiliser comes in various types including 8kg organic fertiliser, 15kg organic fertiliser, 25kg organic fertiliser and 1tonne bulk bag organic fertiliser.

These organic fertilisers from GroMor are manufactured based on six patented stages. The organic fertiliser from GroMor maintains a balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium through out the year. It supplies high amount of organic carbon and increases the biological activity of the soil. GroMor organic fertiliser improves the structure of soil, reduces the water loss and help in optimised uptake of nutrients by the plants.

GroMor organic fertiliser consists of fifteen essential elements that are required for the growth of plants. Some of the elements include nitrogen, carbon, potassium, phosphorus to name a few. Nitrogen is a naturally found element in the fertilisers in form of urea, nitrate and ammonium. Urea and ammonium are soluble. In nitrate form, bacteria are converted to ammonium and urea. Nitrogen is ideal for phosphorus uptake of the plant.

Phosphorus is ideal for development of root, for controlling the cold and helps the plant to fight against diseases. The phosphorus is absorbed in form of orthophosphate ions by the plants. Potassium is essential for the growth, flowering and protein formation of the plant.

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