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Organic fertilisers from GroMor

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GroMor  specialises in offering eco-friendly horticultural products. The eco-friendly product offered by GroMor improves the sustainability of the soil and plants. Organic fertiliser offered by GroMor is a complete, balanced and multi purpose fertiliser. It is ideal for use with entire range of gardens. The organic fertiliser is developed by GroMor along with the department of primary industries and fisheries.

The 100 percent organic fertiliser offered by GroMor is used as an effective source of plant and soil food. The organic fertiliser is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and trace elements for feeding the plant. Organic carbon and beneficial microbes present in the organic fertiliser stimulates the soil. These 100 percent organic fertilisers are odour free and are ideal choice for interior and exterior purposes.

GroMor offers this organic fertiliser with forty macronutrients and comes in a bag of fifteen kilograms. This organic fertiliser is natural and is certified by the Biological Farmers Association. It requires less amount of water while mixing them and the organic matter present in the fertiliser increases the capacity of soil to hold water. It also helps in decreasing the leaching of nutrients away from the plants through the waterways.

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