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Rippers, spreaders, rotary hoes, sprayers from Growers Services

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Growers Services  offers different range of new machineries. Growers Services was formed by Bert Ayling and Angus Tuck. The machineries offered by Growers Services includes are available in various brands including Vicon, John Berends, Cropliner, Ben Wye, Waratah, Sicma to name a few.

The equipment from John Berends include 2 metres 20 tyne 4 rows tine cultivator, heavy duty single tyne ripper, hydraulic drown pressure post hole digger with 8 inches auger and medium duty six inch grader blades. Uni bar offset plough from Growers Services comes with sixteen discs. These discs come with 22 inches disc plate and it can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements.

Growers Services provides Cropliner 2000 sprayer. This sprayer in stock has 150-litre brass pump, galvanised chassis, poly tank, electronic controls, fan, fresh water and flush tanks. Vicon PS 303 spreader offered by Growers Services features 275 litres hopper that is spread to a width of 9-14 metres. It helps in accurate distribution of fertilizer and is ideal for applications in orchard and vineyard. Sicma rotary hoes are heavy and it comes with four speed gearbox and 60 to 120 horsepower gear drives.

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