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Organosilicone surfactant and spreaders from Growth Agriculture

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Growth Agriculture  provides different types of adjuvants for improving the coverage of sprays. The adjuvants from Growth Agriculture include Steadfast, Deploy 1000 and Broadspred.

Broadspred from Growth Agriculture is a negatively charged organosilicone surfactant. It helps in improving the coverage and penetration of all types of spray applications. This solution spreads to the surface of the leaves when the negatively charged ion is exposed to a negatively charged surface of the leaves. Broadspred minimises the surface tension of the water droplet and help in effective spreading of the spray droplet. This activity is helpful to control mites and aphids.

Growth Agriculture provides Steadfast for adjusting the pH of the water. Steadfast acts as both spreader and activator. It protects the water from chemicals through pH adjustments and by breaking down the chemicals. This breakdown activity helps in entry of pesticides and reduces the presence of hydrogen ion concentration of the water. The non-ionic Deploy 1000 spreader from Growth Agriculture improves the spray coverage and absorption.

Deploy is charged neutrally and spreads to the leaves when it is exposed to the negatively charged leaf surfaces. Deploy 1000 spreader is ideal for targeting weeds with waxy and hairy surfaces. It also helps in removing weeds that are hard to kill with herbicides.

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