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Plant and soil nutrients from Growth Agriculture

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Growth Agriculture  specialises in offering a wide range of agricultural products to enhance plant nutrition and soil fertility. The range of agricultural products offered by Growth Agriculture includes plant and soil nutrition, integrated pest management and adjuvant.

Plant and soil nutrition products include growth B and B, total N, boron X-tra, Calcium X-tra, Magnesium X-Tra to name a few. Growth B and B is an organic based liquid fertiliser made from bone and blood. This product is considered as a one-step replacement fertiliser. It consists of two naturally occurring growth promotants. It helps in stimulating the uptake of nutrients by the plant. It is safe for use and improves the quality of the plant yield.

Boron X-tra is a bio stimulant fertiliser and it is essential for healthy growth of plants and crops. Boron is used by the plants for cell division, building sugar levels, healthy cell walls, producing pollens and flowering and for improving the nitrogen fixation. Boron X-tra from Growth Agriculture is a biological stimulator solution and it is blended with specific organic and boric acids. Boron X-tra is economical, compactable and is ideal for soil and foliar application.

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