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Pred feed wettable powder from Growth Agriculture

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Growth Agriculture  offers products and services to enhance the food and fibre production and to improve the environmental standards among agricultural sectors. Integrated pest management products from Growth Agriculture are ideal for wide range of environments.

The integrated pest management product includes Pred feed wettable powder. This Pred feed wettable powder is a beneficial insect attractant. The Pred feed is made from dry ingredients and it is used to attract the beneficial insects with in the limited areas. The beneficial insect is provided with nutritional diet by the Pred feed and it helps in keeping the insects with in the targeted area.

The integrated pest management programme was developed by Growth Agriculture create resistance and to solve environmental problems. Pred feed is used in high amount for attracting the beneficial insects. It widely used in the agricultural industry. Pred feed is used at the rate of 2.5 Kg per sprayed hectare with help of ground spray or clean conventional air equipment. For ground rig purpose 50 to 100 litres of water is required per hectare. Pred feed is used as an ideal tool for sustainable agriculture areas.

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